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No matter if you are buying or selling, we aim to take the stress and worry out of your property transaction. We act in your interest and will ensure the process is worry free by keeping you informed and up to date throughout.



Here is a short overview on the services we provide when purchasing a property;


When purchasing we guide you through the entire process from the beginning to the finalisation of your purchase.


Our service includes advising you on the importance of pre-purchase inspection reports, such as Pest and Building and Strata reports where applicable. We can arrange these on your behalf if required.


Advising you of the stamp duty implications and discussing whether you might qualify for any concessions or exemptions or grants.


Assisting you to complete all required government forms, including Purchaser Declarations, First Home Buyer concession/exemption/grant forms where applicable.


Liaising with your lender/broker to ensure your finances are in order.


Having a conference with you to review, discuss and explain in detail the contract in plain English and negotiating terms of the Contract where required. This conference will include a clear and concise explanation of the entire process and when you are required to do something each step of the way.


We will advise of the recommended insurance cover for your property and also in respect of your lenders requirements, if applicable.


We ensure the entire process is as smooth as possible

Some of the services provided when selling your property include;


When selling we arrange for all the required legal documents to be obtained in order to prepare a legal and binding contract.


We advise you of your disclosure obligations and arrange for any appropriate conditions to be incorporated into the Contract as each contract we prepare is tailored to our clients individual circumstances.


Utilising the latest technology in Contract preparation, we have adopted a streamlined process, resulting in faster preparation and delivery of the Contract to your agent in order that your agent can commence marketing your property as soon as the receive the contract.


Once your property has been sold by your agent, we then complete the steps required to finalise your sale. Such as working with you to arrange for your discharge of mortgage, if any, obtaining a Land Tax Clearance Certificate, providing you with links and instructions on how to obtain your Capital Gains Withholding Certificate, where applicable.


Ensuring all required documents are served in the time constraints required under the Contract as well as in compliance with legislative requirements.


Explaining the break up of your sale proceeds including itemising the payout figure/s from your Bank, the agent's commission, rating adjustments and the balance due to you.


Arranging for settlement also including electronic settlements on the PEXA platform.


We ensure you are fully informed of all details throughout the process and help you have a stress and worry free transaction.


We do everything we can to make the transaction as stress free as we can!

We operate a trust account for settlement financial arrangements and for occasions where monies are required to be held in a trust account after settlement.


Other Services - Related party transfers, purchase of business, sale of business, retirement village agreements, leases and independent legal advice on mortgages.


Free Services - Justice of the Peace

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